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The city, capital of the province and the region, is the second largest city of the South in population and economic importance.

Bari(36 Km), maybe Illyrian origin, became part of the Roman rule in the third century BC, he became an important road junction with the construction of the Via Traiana and is gaining in importance for its trade with Greece, so as to become an object of contention for the Byzantines, Lombards and Saracens.

The domain was more durable than the Byzantines, as Bari became the headquarters of the fleet of the Eastern Empire, dates from this period, the urban structure of the old city. This is the age most fortunate for the city, and continues with the Norman domination.
Destroyed by William the Bad, Bari came to flourish in the Swabian period, with the construction of the castle, built by Frederick II.

Among the places of interest for tourists Maggire surely there is the Old Town, the medieval town, where there are significant Romanesque monuments, including the Basilica di San Nicola (XII century), a masterpiece of Romanesque and the Cathedral San Sabino.

The old town of Bari is full of large and small churches of various artistic merit. Among the most beautiful medieval buildings, include the Castle, built by Frederick II.

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