Martina Franca - Svevo Hotel


Martina Franca(47 Km) elegant town situated on one of the last southern hills of the Murgia southeast, overlooks the charming Valle d’Itria, a beautiful expanse of green white trulli.
The most beautiful part of the city is definitely the historical center, a splendid example of Baroque art, with its narrow streets, its white alleys, palaces and stately and monumental churches.
Martina Franca is surrounded by a Karst territory suggestive caves, as well as a rich landscape punctuated by the ancient “casedde”, the famous Trulli, and the typical local farms, valuable evidence of industrial archeology.
Martina Franca is therefore a very popular tourist destination, not only for its rich and valuable architectural and historical heritage but also for its vibrant culture, which finds its greatest expression in the now famous and awaited Festival della Valle d’Itria.
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